1. Come say what’s up and defend pop punk #pizza (at The National)


  2. Foo dog is tight. #asianstreetfood (at Foo Dog)


  3. Pomegranate Mimosa. #brunchgamestrong #2brunch1weekend w/ @staysh @bobbybolt @drewesclues (at The Daily Kitchen & Bar)


  4. First Class Liar. 2014.


  5. Sunbox. 2014. (at The Camel)


  6. Light Years. 2014. (at The Camel)


  7. Knuckle Puck. 2014. (at The Camel)


  8. Neck Deep. 2014. (at The Camel)



  10. Ran a commercial shoot with @iseestarsmusic & @sykeva. Not a bad way to spend the day


  11. Austin costume shop finds. #INeedDis #grumpycat #lilbub2016 (at City of Austin)


  12. inkxd-and-piercxd asked: Where was that Precision Camera at? I've been looking for a local store since most have closed down near me.

    Down in Austin. Unfortunately, nothing in Richmond is remotely close to that


  13. m1stah-j asked: Hey Brandon just wanted to say again that it was awesome meeting you at the Attila concert and I absolutely looooooove your work.

    thanks man! Good meeting you too! (Sorry this is super late)


  14. tylermelton asked: Brandon, you are fucking ridiculous man. These photos are soooo good!

    thanks man!


  15. Austin bummin’. Thanks @elizabethrandolph Shout out to the 24mm 1.4L #blur #woodrowwilson #marktwain (at Little Woodrow’s)